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Finance & Controlling





The Financial function must be efficient to become a real lever for growth, positioned at the heart of organizations and a partner of operational staff.




The Finance & Controlling offer is designed to assist Executives, Accounting and Finance Departments in their main missions:

  • align the organization and financial management systems with the Company's strategy and objectives,
  • help Managers in the management of the Company,
  • seek optimization by redesigning processes to generate productivity gains,
  • put in place a robust governance system and controls adapted to the company's strategy.


Systems Optimization

Process Optimization

Resource Optimization



Develop the Finance & Controlling organization


Optimizing the Finance & Controlling organization


Adapt the Finance & Controlling organization


  • Critical review of current planning methods with regard to business issues
  • Redesign of the budget processes /medium-term planning
  • Definition of budget planning models or medium-term


  • Review of the Finance Function’s operating modes and analysis of the current performance,
  • Identification of levers for improvement and definition of a target vision for the organisation,
  • Definition of the new organization’s implementation trajectory and support in its realization

  • Redesign of the financial and operational management dashboards
  • Definition and implementation of managerial rituals for performance animation
  • Alignment of management and accounting vision