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Our identity

Our Values in Action !




Founded in 2009, Value Action combines two activities : Consulting and Interim Executive Management to serve the same mission :


Provide its customers with concrete solutions and best practices in Operational Management.


To do this, Value Action operates in three areas of expertise: Business Transformation, Restructuring and Performance.


Expert in Interim Executive Management, our company supports Investors, Executives and Managers of Start-Up, SME, ETI and Corporate in the implementation of change, the transformation and responds to complex managerial situations.


Value Action-Consulting, leads a community of Women and Men, senior professionals, qualified Experts, commited to offer a quality approach, united by common values ​​guiding their daily practices. Together we consider all our clients with the same attention and guarantee them the maximum investment, whatever their sector of activity.


The values ​​to which our company and our partners are attached define our identity: they underline its originality, fuel its dynamism and strengthen the cohesion of its employees. These values ​​guide the decision-making and actions of its consultants.


Value Action considers People as the first element of performance, develops a holistic vision that acts on the creation of value, and keeps People and the Environment as essential factors to be taken into account when making choices.


The "Value Attitude" is a strong ability to work together, guided by a constructive state of mind geared towards initiative, responsibility, enthusiasm and benevolence.



 Founder & CEO